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Dongguan prototype model company selected extension model-The accuracy is positive and negative. 02mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-04- 09 08: 02

some time ago, Mr. Chen, a customer from Dongguan, consulted the extension model when looking for Dongguan prototype model company on Baidu, their company just has an aluminum alloy product that needs to be prototype and has requirements for accuracy.

learned by the project manager of the extension model when communicating with Mr. Chen, before I contacted the extension model, I also found other Dongguan prototype model companies, but the processed prototype accuracy did not meet the required positive and negative 0. 04mm.

According to the 3D drawings provided by Mr. Chen, the project manager and the US technical director personally guide the customer to provide a detailed processing plan, which is processed by a five-axis machine with a precision of plus or minus 0. 02mm.

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