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dust to dustbuster?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
Dutch designer Wieki Somers was one of those who showed their work last week at the exhibition booth of beauie Kreo, a design company in Basel, Miami.
She shows the work in her poetry \"freeze of Time\" series in which objects appear to be covered with a delicate, smooth layer of ice (
Actually liquid resin).
At the same time, Somers presented a more calm exploration on Grand Hornu Images in Hornu, Belgium, as part of an ongoing exhibition, asking 10 design companies to rethink ideas for progress. (
The exhibition runs through the whole century. 12. )
Summers chose to create three still.
A life episode of human ashes.
Yes, the ashes of mankind.
In her exhibition statement, some people question the desire to consume that people seem unable to suppress and suggest that they may in turn become some of the items they like to buy, so, creatively updated some of the 465,000 liters of human ashes generated every day.
3-Technical miracle
\'We can serve as a useful rocking chair, even as a vacuum cleaner or a toaster, to give grandpa a second life, \'Mr. Sommers said.
Then, will we pay more attention to these products?
Good question.
Somers did turn the ashes into a toaster for the show, a horrible little thing decorated with a live bird and a dead bird rep who mentioned the 16 thand 17th-
Painting of century Vanita.
Some continue to say that these symbolize the meaningless, joyful futility of worldly life and the inevitability of death.
Somehow, however, as a modern souvenir, the ashes of human beings may be better recycled into a material, such as a tombstone or a Crematorium, in which case, compared to kitchen appliances, \"Ash to Ash\" has a more direct meaning.
Unless you\'re a frozen waffle, it\'s hard to see how the toaster embodies the certainty of death.
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