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Flux is a 3D Printer That Can Turn Into a Chocolate Synthesiser or Laser Engraver

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
In our weekly crowdfunding series, we look at websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to find the latest and most interesting projects.
Recently, some of the most exciting new products, such as Oculus Rift VR headsets and Pebble smartwatches, have started due to crowdfunding rather than being made by a large company.
We strive to find new projects that are worth supporting as they are unique, interesting, and maybe even game changers.
This week\'s entries are easy to pickthe FLUX All-in-
A 3D printer raised over $200,000 in less than a day (nearly Rs. 1. 3 crore)
The target is $100,000.
The flux is used as a multi-function 3D printer and its functions can be changed due to the modular upgrade system.
This is an interesting new twist for 3D printers and something we don\'t see anywhere else.
Using a basic flux called FFF-
Fuse manufacturing-
For 3D printing.
This is the most common 3D printing technology in small model printers being used.
This machine also has a 3D scanner built in, so you can scan the model, oh, you have to design or download everything you want to print.
This is a convenient add-on
But the cool part is the modularity of the printer.
At launch, you will be able to replace the additional 3D printer with a laser engraving module, which will allow you to cut the design into materials such as wood very accurately.
The future modules mentioned by the team on the Kickstarter page include a double extruder so that you can print items with multiple materials and print the pastry extruder to 3D-
Print chocolate.
This flexibility makes FLUX a very interesting project and is more versatile than most 3D printers currently sound.
The video below shows how the printer works.
You can restore this change now, but the choice of most early birds has been mentioned.
You can support this project for $599 (
About Rs. 37,000)
And get the printer plus 500g plastic \"ink\" or support it for $679 (
About Rs. 41,750)
Printer, plastic and laser engraving modules.
Global traffic is expected to be delivered in July 2015, but shipping charges will increase in addition to what you promised.
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