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Formal prototype factory for sheet metal

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-05- 14 08:01

there is a prototype called sheet metal prototype, which is difficult to do if processed with a general CNC machine tool. The sheet metal prototype is processed by metal material, and the hardness of the material itself is relatively high. The prototype itself takes into account the need for a heat dissipation or structural design, and the material level is very thin, generally below 1mm. It is because the sheet metal prototype is not very simple, so it needs to find a formal sheet metal prototype factory.

The processing equipment of the general prototype factory is either second-hand or only a few, it is difficult to process some prototypes that are slightly more difficult. If you know that you can't do it and the customer places an order, it must also attract customers because the price is lower. If it is just a general prototype, there is no need for too much technology to find those small manufacturers. But if you want to make a sheet metal prototype, you must find a regular sheet metal prototype factory.

as Mr Yang of the previous period. Originally, the small factory chose the small factory for the low price, and the prototype was not satisfactory, but was scolded by the boss. Then search the sheet metal prototype factory online to find the information of the extension model and contact customer service. This time he did not care about the price, but paid attention to the quality. After the salesman understood these things, he showed Mr. Yang the samples he had done before. Mr. Yang was very satisfied, but he still had concerns, so he took Mr. Yang to the workshop to visit. After reading it, Mr. Yang put down his concerns and made a smooth order.

after a few days, Mr. Yang received the prototype, after showing it to their boss, their boss was very satisfied, so Mr. Yang thanked tuowei model for helping him a lot. In fact, if you want to make a sheet metal prototype, you must find a regular sheet metal prototype factory. For example, the extension model is! If you have any ideas, you can call customer service! Waiting for your contact 24 hours!

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