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Hardware prototype-The accuracy is positive and negative. 02mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-02- 26 08:02

some time ago, Mr. Chen, a customer from Guangzhou, contacted the extension model when looking for a prototype factory online, their company has a hardware product and needs to make a hardware prototype, mainly to verify whether the design of the new product is insufficient.

learned in the process of communicating with Mr. Chen that before contacting the extension model, it has also been done in other prototype factories, but the accuracy of the processed hardware prototype production does not meet the requirements, so it needs to be re-processed by the manufacturer, and it needs to be positive and negative. Within 03mm.

The extension model is personally evaluated by the project manager and the US technical director according to the 3D drawings provided by Mr. Chen, to provide customers with a detailed processing plan, the accuracy can reach positive and negative 0. 02mm, processing using a five-axis machine.

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