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harvard scientists use 3d printer to create 4d flower

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Wyss Institute of Bioinspired Engineering at Harvard University and scientists at Harvard John.
Paulson College of Engineering and Applied Science has upgraded 3D printing technology to the fourth dimension. Their biology-
Inspiration creation attempts to mimic the natural structure that can change the form according to the environment.
Scientists at Harvard University have introduced a orchid-like \"gel composite structure\" that changes shape when immersed in water.
Jennifer Lewis, senior author of the study, said: \"This work represents an elegant advancement in the assembly of programmable materials and becomes possible through a multi-disciplinary approach . \".
\"We have now gone beyond integrating forms and functions to create a convertible architecture. ”The 4D-
The printed orchid has a procedure of precise and local expansion and contains woody cellulose fiber or fine fibers.
Their role is to replace the microscopic structure that enables the plant to change its shape.
The result is, make-
Orchid responses to water-stimulation-are very similar to typical plant organs such as tendrils, leaves, or flowers.
As the first layer of liquid
Like the gel laid by the printer, when the cellulose fiber is aligned and the composite ink is directional coded, it quickly becomes hardened
Stiffness is related to swelling.
They are then formed into a pattern that results in the orchid\'s ability to have complex shapes.
Orchids can not only move in different directions, but can be predicted and controlled.
As scientists have pointed out in the Harvard Gazette, \"The new approach opens up new potential applications for 4D printing technology, including smart textiles, soft electronics, biomedical devices, and tissue engineering
\"The results of this innovation depend on the materials used and can be adjusted to be more conductive or more biocompatible.
\"We can use our fully adjustable and programmable approach to control curvature in a discrete and continuous manner,\" said Matsumoto Elisabettalead author.
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