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High precision prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- 08: 10: 49

some time ago, a Miss Wang found the extension model. She said that their company had found several high-precision prototype companies to do prototypes before, but the accuracy they processed was 0. About 1mm. Their company is doing high-precision products, which requires 0. 05mm accuracy, so decisively gave up the prototype factory.

when she was looking everywhere for a company that does a high-precision prototype model, I saw information about the extension model on the Internet. Thinking about the idea of touching luck, I contacted customer service Xiao Zhu. After a short understanding, Miss Wang left the contact information. The next day, Miss Wang came to the Tuowei model and wanted to visit the scale and strength of the Tuowei model. Miss Xin, the salesman, hosted her and took Miss Wang to the workshop to visit. Give her a detailed introduction to our company, and what she needs to do with high-precision equipment. Miss Wang was also very surprised that the company had five-axis machining that no other prototype factory had. And the accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm. So Miss Wang looked at the process of the employee machining the prototype with five-axis. After a long time, she was very satisfied. Then I made the order, paid the pre-payment, and sent the drawings.

Miss Xin and the engineer carefully studied Miss Wang's drawings for a long time. , then the construction began. Four days later, the prototype was completed. I took a photo and passed it to Miss Wang. Miss Wang was very happy, but she decided to come and have a look. After seeing the finished product, I praised the high-precision prototype model company.

if, you also want to find a company that does a high-precision prototype model. You can look at the extension model. Always waiting 24 hours, welcome to disturb.

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