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how 3-d printing works

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Imagine that you have decided to tidy up your closets, but instead of going to the store to measure the containers to make sure they work, you go to your office and type in the container size you want and print it out there.
Now imagine that you have to build a famous Civil War model for a project in the school, and you can build all the soldiers, cannons and trees perfectly with the same printer.
The technology could be closer than you think-D printing. 3-
D. printing makes it easier and faster to produce complex objects with multiple moving parts and complex designs, and can quickly afford to use them at home.
Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Is a family of manufacturing technologies, including 3-D printing.
AM is a way to create an object by adding a material to the object layer by layer.
AM is ASTM International (
Former American Association for Testing and Materials)[
Source: Gibson and others. ].
Throughout its history, additive manufacturing already has a wide variety of names: stereo printing, 3-
D. layering and 3-D printing.
This article uses 3-
Because it seems to be the most commonly used term used to describe AM products.
You can see some of the fundamentals behind AM in the cave;
For thousands of years, dripping water has created layers of deposits that pile up to form stalactites and stalactites.
However, unlike these natural forms, 3-
D. print much faster and follow the scheduled plan provided by computer software.
Computer Command 3-
D The printer adds each new layer as a precise crossover
Part of the final object.
Additive manufacturing and 3-
D. printing continues to grow, specifically.
Technology, initially as a rapid prototyping method, is now a means to create products for the medical, dental, aerospace and automotive industries. 3-
D. printing also spans the fields of toy and furniture manufacturing, art and fashion.
This article looks at 3-
D print, from its history and technology to its wide range of uses, including printing your own 3-
D at home.
First of all, let\'s take a look at 3-
D. printing has begun. how is it going today.
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