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how 3d printers could reinvent nasa space food

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
A funding project aimed at transforming 3D printers into space kitchens could one day reshape the way astronauts eat at the Ultimate Frontier.
NASA officials confirmed this week that NASA donated $125,000 to Austin, Texas.
System and material research consultant (SMRC)
Study how to make nutritious and efficient space food with 3D
In a long space mission
This project made headlines this week, mainly because of the first item on the menu: 3D-
Printed Space pizza
Future astronauts
Space missions will face many challenges in terms of health and livelihoods.
For example, a round trip from Earth to Mars can last for several years, and astronauts need thousands of meals. [10 Amazing 3D-Print object]
\"The current food system cannot meet the nutritional needs-
\"The Mars mission or other long-term mission will take a one-year shelf life,\" NASA officials said in a statement . \".
\"Because refrigeration and freezing require a large amount of spaceship resources, NASA\'s current regulations only include separately pre-packaged shelf-stable foods, which are processed using the technology of degrading trace nutrients in foods.
NASA officials say SMRC will explore a3D-
Printedfood system will be able to provide nutritional stability and a wide range of foods from shelf-stable ingredients, while minimizing waste and saving time for space workers.
SMRC\'s engineers are clearly imagining a system that can \"print\" dishes using a food powder layer with a 30-year shelf life.
\"The way we are working on it is that all carbohydrates, proteins, and macro-nutrients are powder-based,\" said Anjan Contractor, senior mechanical engineer at toldQuartz SMRC, who first reported the project.
\"We take the moisture away and in this form it can last for 30 years.
According to Quartz, the contractor has printed the chocolate and is now working on a prototype to print the pizza.
NASA then issued a statement on the first phase contract for Small Business Innovation Research, which was awarded to SMRC.
The first six.
A one-month project could lead to Phase 2 research, but NASA officials say the technology is a few years away from testing in actual flight.
In addition to being able to print celestial pizza, 3D printing has other uses in space.
The technology, also known as additive manufacturing, allows astronauts to make replacement parts for spacecraft and even alien habitats such as the alunar base.
NASA admits
\"Space and additive manufacturing offers the potential for new mission opportunities, whether it\'s \'printing\' food, tools, or the entire spaceship,\" space agency officials said . \".
\"Additive manufacturing provides an opportunity for deep space travel to obtain the best material matching, form and delivery systems.
\"In a separate project, NASA plans to launch a 3D printer to the International Space Station to test long-standing space manufacturing technology
Continuous tasks.
The project stems from the company\'s collaboration between space manufacturing and NASA\'s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
Known as the 3D printing zero gravity experiment, the test flight will send a space 3D printer to the space station on 2014 to prove that the technology is used in the deep-space mission. Follow SPACE.
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