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how stereolithography 3-d layering works

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
The basic printing process is this: this is not a particularly fast process.
Depending on the size and number of objects created, it may take a minute or two for each layer of laser.
A typical run can take between 6 and 12 hours.
For large objects, you can run for a few days (
The maximum size of the machine shown above is the object 10 inch (25 cm)
Three dimensions).
You create a 3-
Design for your object in a CAD program.
Before construction, the design is adjusted, the support is lifted slightly from the tray, and any internal support is required during construction.
Then the SLA automatically renders the object (and unattended).
When the process is completed, the SLA will boost the platform and you will end up with 3-D object.
If the object is small, you can produce a few at the same time if you want.
They sat together on the tray.
The following figure shows the pallets after the build is completed, where several of the same objects are produced at the same time: once the run is complete, you rinse the objects with a solvent and then \"bake\" them in the UV oven, completely cured plastic.
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