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how stereolithography 3-d layering works

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Stereo printing is not a cheap process.
The cost of these machines themselves usually exceeds $250,000.
They must be discharged due to smoke generated by polymers and solvents.
The polymer itself is very expensive.
The CibaTool SL5170 resin is a common photopolymer used for stereo printing, usually at a price of about $800/gallon.
For these reasons, there are very few stereo printing machines found anywhere except in large companies.
However, there are services that offer the advantage of stereo printing to smaller shops and individuals.
For example, pt cam will do stereo printing for $55 per hour and allow companies to buy time blocks for $30 per hour.
It\'s not cheap, but it\'s a real deal compared to buying your own SLA and resin or machined parts. You can e-
Mail your CAD design to pt cam and in many cases ship your parts back to you in a day or two.
Short cycle time is one of the most attractive things in stereo printing!
Special thanks to Joel Leonard, Jerry Watkins and Steve for their help in creating this article for a year!
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