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How to calculate the price of prototype proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-09- 06 10: 59

The Birth of the prototype model is actually to save a lot of costs. It can be tested before the mold is opened, and then the mold is opened for mass production after confirmation, this is important. The amount of mold opening can be a lot. It is necessary to process a prototype sample first and prepare for future data testing. So how to calculate the price of prototype proofing. They are not affected by a single factor, but by a combination of multiple factors.

Price influencing factors of CNC prototype proofing:

1. The size of the processed product, the larger the size of the processed product, the more materials used, the price will naturally be higher;

2. The complexity of the structure of the processed product, the more complex the prototype model, the more working hours are used;

3, the material used to process the prototype model, in the case of other conditions, different materials will lead to different prices;

4. The surface treatment process used to make the prototype model, the more the process, the higher the price;

5. Whether the price includes tax and transportation, etc;

The calculation method of 3d printing prototype price is relatively simple, it is to estimate the weight of the entire prototype by drawing, and then multiply it by the price of each gram of material, plus the cost of the required working hours. Since the vacuum compound mold needs to make a prototype first, then use the prototype to make a silicone mold, and then use the silicone mold for batch copying. So the price of the vacuum compound mold prototype = the prototype price of the silicone mold price copy.

The above is the way to calculate the price of prototype proofing, hope to help you.

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