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How to choose Shenzhen hardware prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-11- 06 19: 20

plastic prototypes are highly used in our lives, but the usage rate of hardware prototypes is not low. To make a hardware prototype, you must first find a good prototype manufacturer. Shenzhen is a place where the prototype industry started earlier. Large and small prototype companies are not less than 1000. In so many Shenzhen hardware prototype factories, how to choose? The following is a brief introduction to Boge of the extension model.

1. If the quality is better and the quality is better, it is recommended that you choose a larger manufacturer, like some small workshops, a person often has several jobs and is difficult to be professional, so the quality will be greatly reduced. Some large-scale Shenzhen hardware prototype factories have accumulated rich prototype production technology after more than 10 years of precipitation, and have adopted five-axis machines for processing, which is more reliable in terms of accuracy, the extension model is the model.

2, depending on the processing process, generally speaking, the processing period is relatively long, and manufacturers who have cooperation with some large companies usually have exquisite processing technology. Shenzhen hardware prototype factory-- The extension model has been standing in the prototype industry for 17 years, and can independently complete the relevant processes of prototype production, such as fuel injection, polishing, silk screen printing, UV, etc. , not only the appearance of the prototype is exquisite, at the same time, the secrecy is more strict, no appearance.

3. It depends on the secrecy. When the prototype is proofing, privacy is also very important. If the drawings are leaked to competitors by the prototype factory in the process of developing new products, the losses will be relatively large. Shenzhen hardware prototype factory-- The extension model not only actively signs a confidential agreement with customers, but also installs confidential software to effectively protect customers' intellectual property rights.

so when looking for Shenzhen hardware prototype factory, it is necessary to look at the scale, processing technology and secrecy so as to find the right manufacturer.

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