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How to compare prices for making large prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2017-11- 30 16: 21

If you make a prototype model, you still have to find a large prototype company, especially those larger prototypes, which are very troublesome to make, because many prototype manufacturers can't reach the process, they can only use unpacking to process. The more common car bumper prototypes are all models of this type. The production cost is not low. We need to compare different manufacturers.

compare the basic expenses. There must still be a certain basic cost for large models, that is, the material cost that is usually said, but this cost is not expensive and there is a unified calculation method, the cost difference between the prototype manufacturers in this regard is very small. We compare the basic expenses, mainly to understand the industry quotation, which is also helpful for us to choose cooperative merchants later.

comparison of processing costs. If you make a prototype, the proportion of material cost is very small, mainly because the labor cost is relatively high. Usually, the processing cost reaches 40 yuan for an hour, and the smaller prototype workshop also needs 20 or 30 yuan for an hour, but the effect of this is obviously not as good as that of a large prototype company, so you need to choose according to your actual situation. If you are not so strict with the appearance of the prototype, you can choose a smaller prototype factory.

compare post-service. Just to understand that the quotation customized by the other party is not enough, you must know what the other party's services include, especially after-sales service, you must determine in advance. As long as it is a good after-sales service, it can naturally guarantee us, and the model made can also reassure us.

The above are some aspects of the price that need to be compared when making a large prototype model, hope to help you.

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