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How to find a powerful Zhongshan prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-07- 17: 55

prototype is a very popular industry now, because basically every day, enterprises need to make prototype models, perhaps verification, perhaps participation, or perfection! And the prototype can also make finished products! However, if you want to achieve the effect you want, it must not be possible to find an ordinary Zhongshan prototype factory. You must find a manufacturer with strength and technology!

Mr. Lu is the extension found through Baidu search Zhongshan prototype factory model. The extension model is excellent both online and offline! Mr. Lu looked at the website of Tuwei model for a long time. The extension model was opened in 2002 and has 18 years of production experience. The extension model has gone further and further on the road of excellence, and has experienced an economic crisis for some time. Many manufacturers have closed down or reduced employees' wages, layoffs and other preservation companies, but the extension model has not only not done so, but has opened a dust-free workshop and introduced talents!

This alone is enough to see that the extension model can surpass that reasons for many manufacturers! As a prototype factory in Zhongshan that has been operating for more than ten years, there are already 55 CNC machines, several high-precision five-axis machines, 3D printers and other equipment in the current processing equipment! It also has one-on-one guidance from the us cto, as well as technical talent guidance from Taiwan! After learning this, Mr. Lu chose to place an order in the Tuowei model! Tuowei model, the partner around you, is your loved one!

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