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How to make the prototype factory cost-effective

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-11- At 10: 08

when the prototype model is processed, customers hope that its processing effect will be exquisite and it will bring convenience to the enterprise's R & D exhibition. However, for the prototype production factory, the prototype model processing is definitely expected to spend less money and make good results so as to save production costs. In the process of processing, how the cost performance can be guaranteed has become the focus of some users.

about this, when users understand it, they will find that if they want it to have a better cost performance, they need to choose a more professional prototype factory. The selected prototype factory is not professional enough, which will have a certain impact on the cost performance. When choosing, you must look at this manufacturer. Is there no problem in terms of strength? Can you achieve the corresponding appearance treatment level and accuracy. If you can meet the requirements of professional standards, you need to consult how it charges. If the prototype processing factory can not only make a good prototype, but also be more reasonable in terms of charging, then it is a manufacturer worthy of cooperation.

In addition, when looking for a prototype production factory, it is also necessary to actively cooperate with the work of the prototype factory and find problems to communicate in time. Otherwise, half of the processing requirements will be changed, which will lead to waste of materials, thus increasing the cost of the enterprise and reducing the cost performance of the prototype.

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