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How to reduce the total cost of ownership for prototype model customization

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-02- 16 15: 33

What is the total cost of ownership? For example, an iceberg, the visible part of the exposed represents the price of customized processing of the prototype model, while the'Huge ice cube' Representing hidden costs, the two add up are the total cost of ownership, the purchase price plus the additional costs generated by each step in the supply chain, such as transportation and logistics, inventory, operation, maintenance and parts scrapping.

three key points to reduce the cost of customized processing of Enterprise prototype models: quality, consistency, speed. According to the extended partnership of manufacturing industry, companies often underestimate costs. The survey shows that using only the purchase price, regardless of the overall cost of ownership, the hidden cost can be underestimated by 20%, one factor driving this trend is that supply chain costs may be higher than most companies think. Total cost of ownership provides a more comprehensive and comprehensive measure of visible and hidden costs.

More and more companies are starting to focus on quality, consistency and on-time performance rather than just the price of prototype model custom processing, as the economy tightens, and as finance gains more impact in purchasing decisions and product development. Since the company decided where to purchase or manufacture parts, the overall cost of ownership was also given more consideration.

in order to effectively help the company understand the cost of customized processing of prototype models, from labor costs to product quality to political and safety risks, these additional costs may include inventory coordination, transportation, tariffs or tariffs on products across international borders, supplier reliability issues in terms of product quality and ability to meet on-time delivery quotes. Supplier's ability to expand production and long-term relationship with suppliers. It's hard to completely reduce every element of purchasing a product, but the idea is to adopt more measures than traditional methods, and more importantly, you're trying to expand it further, and include more measures in these decisions.

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