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How to trust customers in cnc prototype processing plants

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-01- 07 11: 50

every customer will be very cautious in this era when it can be traded without a door, customers in Shenzhen or around Shenzhen who want to find a cnc prototype processing factory can visit the factory at any time, so how can we help them eliminate these concerns and concerns outside the province?

Mr. Zheng from Shanghai searched online'Cnc prototype processing factory' Ms. Mo, who contacted the business of tuowei model, is really difficult for ordinary people to trust a new thing, let alone a new supplier, miss Mo took pictures of the company's information and the machines and testing equipment in the factory and sent them to Mr. Zheng. After Mr. Zheng had some understanding of the general strength of the Tuowei model, Miss Mo invited him to come over to see the factory again, but he did not agree. Later, Miss Mo thought of an interesting way.

Miss Mo invited Mr. Zheng to video with her WeChat, I took Mr. Zheng to travel to the tuowei cnc prototype processing factory, from the office to programming, to CNC, to manual, to the printing room, to the film-covered workshop, to the QC room, to the three-dimensional workshop, to the warehouse and so on, even if the customer can't visit the site, the customer really feels the scale strength of the extension model.

cnc prototype processing factory is very moved by the customer's heart, maintaining good human relations and effective communication has completed cooperation and achieved win-win results.

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