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hp officejet 8500 printer review

by:Tuowei     2019-09-02
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I chose HP Officejet 8500 as my first product review because I believe its quality makes it one of the best consumer printers on the market.
However, I saw a lot of bad reviews when I researched it.
This is the result of a combination of multiple factors;
A little expensive (
You did get what you paid for and I think it\'s one of the better printers so it makes sense)
People are impatient and don\'t know how to use the printer (
So my blog works hard)
Printers can drive people crazy sometimes.
Pros: printer cartridges are one of the most controversial points for reviewers about their prices and have more ink than most other inkjet printers.
They are expensive.
But if you buy it
Producing cartridges, you may save money each time you print. The high-
The rated number of pages of the yield cartridge exceeds 1,000 pages, and the rated number of pages of the black cartridge exceeds 2,000 pages (
Keep in mind that this is always the industry standard for 5% page coverage, which may be lower than the page coverage for typical prints)
Is the most economical color ink.
Print quality is one thing that this printer is not actually attacked, so you can be happy with that.
Trap: This printer does not have the disadvantages of almost all other new printers of any brand.
The cost of ink, yes. I know.
Seriously, this printer will get amazing if you find a good refill cartridge (
The world of ink cartridges offers work supplements, as does the internet, but be careful)
Because you can greatly reduce the cost of printing.
If you find an affordable refill, this makes the cartridge almost the cheapest on the market.
Now, this printer has a consistent and scary aspect: when one cartridge of any color runs out, you can\'t print anything unless you replace it.
Many unruly users refer to this as HP\'s \"hostage\" and I fully agree.
Really, I hate these big printer companies. They suck.
They have been doing these things.
The problem is that every company does that.
The only way to avoid this is to buy one with tri-
Color ink cartridges, but this is not a solution if you want to do color printing on a regular basis ---
You will end up spending more money and there may be problems with quality and defects (tri-
Color cartridges are often blocked or crossed
Contaminated when one color leaks to another and completely destroys it).
What I would like to mention is that if only one page is not printed correctly, I see a lot of discussion sessions about it to reprint the entire print job.
I think it\'s weird.
I haven\'t met since I \'ve been working with customers who own this printer, there are also many ways to re-print a page or pages from a print job without reprinting the entire content.
Still, if the cancel button starts printing what you don\'t want, pay attention and click on it.
For me, this is still one of the best printers on the market, mainly because I know that other printers have exactly the same problem as this one.
I have countless customers with a variety of printers who keep complaining about not being able to print because one of the cartridges is empty even though they didn\'t try to use the color.
My God, even my friend. -
You know, outside of my career-
Complain to me about this.
If you buy the HP Officejet 8500, you really should do your best to buy the refilled cartridges.
Not the cheapest you can find online, they are unlikely to work well.
I especially recommend the world of 940 cartridges (
Sometimes different numbers abroad)
But any reputable online refill retailer (
For example)
There will be those that are not in the basement of China. Buy the high-
Output cartridges--
Every dollar you save, add or not.
If you only need to print things in black, please always use the toner/laser printer.
Even if 8500 is economic (
If you make an informed purchase decision, click cancel when you have your own idea)
Toner is always cost-effective-
Effective for Blackonly printing.
If you do not print frequently or expect to print, you will not get the same value from this printer as normal users.
If you don\'t use it enough, it doesn\'t deserve a higher upfront cost at all.
But I still stick to the position that this is one of the best color printers on the market.
If I \'ve learned one thing in years of helping people use a printer, it\'s that they\'re not happy with the printer, which doesn\'t have anything to do with whether it\'s a good product or not.
HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-
Price: $849. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of July 12, 2016)
HP Officejet 8500 can do it all.
There are many more. Full set of O. E.
The m hp 940XL cartridge includes black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges.
Standard HP 940XL/44 remanufactured cartridge replacement price for HP 940 XLAmazon: $7. 72 Buy Now(
Prices as of July 12, 2016)
A remanufactured set of 940XL cartridges will produce similar quality and output to the brand new cartridges in a fraction of the price.
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