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HP\'s pullback isn\'t the start of an exodus

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
Whether HP\'s shutdown of its Leixlip factory represents the start of the withdrawal of US technology from IrelandIt seems unlikely.
Booming digital companies like Google and Facebook are still expanding their business in Ireland, as if there were no tomorrow.
Similar digital technology companies are queuing up here to open an office.
\"Legal\" Multinational Corporation
Such as Microsoft, Dell and IBM
Seems to have turned to services that help their companies compete globally.
Another theory is that HP\'s layoffs show that there is no manufacturing position in the new industrial environment in Ireland, which is also a bit of water.
Apple is still producing PCs at the Cork plant, a fact that is often overlooked when talking about its financial arrangements.
Similarly, Intel produces chips at the Leixlip factory, only a short distance from the HP factory.
Modern manufacturing in any Western country is low in Dickens.
Skilled assembly line.
Manufacturing jobs here are unlikely to move to China or Eastern Europe.
(If any, the threat to manufacturing employment no longer comes from any foreign territory, but from robots in our own country.
) What is Donald Trump\'s \"US priority\" policy? When American companies review their offshore facilities, if that\'s the case, it\'s not particularly appropriate for HP to announce the timing.
The company\'s core decision to lay off workers was made in October, when Trump\'s election still seemed far from life. fetched thing.
In the end, HP may decide to turn off its printing-
The ink cartridge production here comes down to a more basic reason: it no longer fully maintains the production of the technology that the world is gradually abandoning.
While most offices still use printers, there are fewer and fewer people using them. Even the home-
Since the smartphone acts as a boarding pass, it is no longer a reason why we keep the printer\'s printed aircraft boarding pass.
Bills and bank statements often arrive online instead of by mail. Even middle-
Older managers no longer \"print\" emails like they did when they dreamed of a golf outing.
If anyone thinks that a 3D printer might be saved, it seems unlikely too.
The 3D printer market is still a relatively small industry, worth about 12bn euros a year.
In the foreseeable future, its prospects are still very bright.
This is not to say that HP\'s printing or PC market, which is mainly related to it, has died.
There is still a huge surplus of business in both industries, even if this starts to fall from the consumer market to the pure Office --based ones.
In this case, it is worth noting that HP is still a profitable company (more than 3bn euros last year ).
But the company\'s long term
The future is not about inkjet printers.
For stressed workers who hear that they no longer have jobs, the only sunshine is that it is now easier to find alternative jobs than in 2011 or 2012.
It\'s not just that our unemployment rate has fallen by half in the last five years, or that most big companies are hiring.
Large US technology companies are often considered to have advanced workflows acquired by their competitors.
Recruiters say those familiar with these workflows are considered by other employers to be very suitable for employment, and they themselves are looking for system modernization.
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