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Japan charges \'vagina artist\' with obscenity

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
Japanese prosecutors have accused a feminist artist of distributing \"obscene\" data when making objects shaped like their own vagina, a case that sparked allegations of disjointed authorities.
On December, Megumi igarashi was charged after raising funds online to pay for genitals
The styling kayak she made on the 3D printer.
Takeshi Sumi, one of Igarashi\'s lawyers, told AFP on Wednesday: \"we totally disagree with the prosecutor\'s argument . \".
\"We will continue to plead guilty on behalf of Igarashi, who believes there is nothing obscene about her work,\" Sumi said . \".
Igarashi, 42, was arrested for the first time in July, but after a few days of legal appeals, thousands of people signed a petition demanding her release, she was released.
But Tokyo police arrested her again in December. -
Watanabe Minori, a 44-year-old sex store owner, is also a writer and feminist activist for \"displaying (Igarashi\'s) obscene goods in her shop window \".
Watanabe\'s boutique was aimed at women and was later released after the prosecutor failed to persuade the judge to approve the extension of the question.
But according to Sumi, Japanese courts approved Igarashi\'s detention because prosecutors said they were concerned that she would destroy the evidence if released.
The current allegations involve three allegations of spreading \"obscene\" data. -namely CD-
Rom with 3D printer computer code that allows the user to copy the vagina-shaped kayak. Japan\'s multi-billion-
The dollar porn industry is huge and diverse, but obscene laws still prohibit taking photos of actual genitals, which are usually pixelated or behind black spots.
If convicted for distribution or possession of obscene material for the purpose of sale, Igarashi may face two years\' imprisonment and/or a fine of up to yen.
5 million ($387 ).
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