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Large cnc prototype processing plant

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-08- At 11: 26

when customizing the prototype model, customers usually send 3D engineering drawings to the cnc prototype processing factory to communicate the price and delivery date, then I waited for the receipt of the goods. It is true that the cooperation with some large-scale technical manufacturers is indeed the case, but if you cooperate with some small manufacturers, then you may be disappointed.

you think the quality of a small cnc hand-operated processing factory will be ensured? In a very simple way, the material preparation of some small manufacturers is not enough, or the raw materials are simply unqualified. If you have passed many tests to clarify the prototype to be used, however, the quality of customization is very poor, and the prototype model is shoddy. The result is conceivable. Maybe you will say that it is good to make clear the regulations with the small manufacturers, but do you think if they lose the book, will they listen to you? It is estimated that you will not be qualified when you receive the prototype! The result is not only a waste of money but also a waste of time.

if it is a cnc prototype of a large-scale technical Major the processing plant is different, because they are not only for customers, but also for their own brand and reputation for more than ten years, they will not raise the stone to smash their feet. Shenzhen tuowei model prototype factory for 18 years, the customer's good rating rate reached 99 per cent, a good brand of peace of mind cooperation!

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