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lasarray confirms search, points to its swiss affiliate : commerce: u.s. agents\' visit to the firm\'s irvine offices came as a surprise, executive says.

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
A senior official at LaSalle
Federal agents recently searched the company\'s office and claimed to have searched the company\'s Swiss-Based on membership.
This is the first comment from lasray officials since the Times reported on Friday that federal agents had searched the company\'s office, in connection with a federal investigation into possible illegal export of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to the Soviet Union. E.
Timothy Gibbons of LaSalle
The US president and chief executive said in a statement that the government\'s search was \"completely unexpected \".
\"I believe that the survey center was launched around our sister department Lasarray S providing an integrated circuit prototype. A. (
Brier, Switzerland)
In one or more locations in the Soviet Union, \"said Fitzgibbons.
\"In addition, our understanding is that none of our hardware or software products are available to our Swiss sister sector for export to Orient Group,\" he said . \".
\"I really don\'t know anything about the details of any so-called illegal act.
\"Officials of the Export Authority\'s regional offices in Newport Beach and the United StatesS.
Customs authorities in Long Beach declined to comment, and their agents were involved in the March 22 search.
Lasray produces computer workstations used as microcomputers
Customized production laboratory
Semiconductor design.
As early as July 1989, the Swiss subsidiary publicly admitted that it had sent chips
Manufacturing systems to the Soviet Union.
\"Considering that we are fully open to delegates from the Department of Commerce and other federal agencies, as well as long-term negotiations between Switzerland and the United StatesS.
\"With regard to the governments of these exports, this action is completely unexpected to us and seems totally unreasonable,\" Fitzgibbons said . \".
He would not comment on what action the company might take, just saying that the company was discussing its options with legal counsel.
Fitzgibbons says the recession and cuts in federal research spending have had a negative impact on the company\'s chips
Do equipment business
He said the company is a subsidiary of LaSalle holding.
In Don Dov, Switzerland, a laser tablet is scheduled to be announced next week at a semiconductor industry trade show in Northern California.
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