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Laser carving process of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2016-09- 21 10: 57

laser carving is a process for surface treatment of prototype models. It is similar to screen printing and printing, all of which are printed on products such as words or patterns, the process is somewhat different and the price is different. It is a process of surface treatment with optical principle. For example, to make a keyboard, it has blue, green, red and gray characters on it. The key body is white. When laser engraving, first fuel injection, blue word, Green Word, Red Letter, the gray words are sprayed with the corresponding colors, so that there are blue keys, green keys and other keys, and then the whole layer of white is sprayed. This is a whole white keyboard, each blue and green is wrapped below, and the white oil on the top is carved. The blue and green buttons are presented.

limitations of laser carving:

(1)The depth of laser carving: AL is 0. 1mm, plastic paint coating: 0. 2-0. 3mm, other metals such as iron reached 0. 08mm;

(2) The ultimate surface area of laser carving is: 100X100, more than 100X 100mm, which needs to be spliced with laser carving. The location of the connection is not beautiful, and the connection marks are obvious;

(3) The color of white and close to White cannot be carved out, and the characters carved from the curved surface laser are prone to deformation;

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