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Looking for a prototype factory can't ignore the service of the manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-01- 02 16: 33

when you are looking for a prototype manufacturer, you usually pay more attention to the accuracy of the prototype and whether the appearance processing effect can satisfy you. However, the quality of the prototype is only one aspect. What can't be ignored is the soft power of the prototype manufacturer, such as the service attitude, whether it can provide the production progress in time, and whether it can clearly understand its requirements, whether it can be delivered on time within the specified time, whether the quality problem of the prototype can be solved in time, etc. , so the prototype factory can not be found from the quality point of view, but also need to consider other factors.

'Hard'Quality'Soft' Service, as a powerful prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen-- The extension model continuously introduces new equipment and production technology to meet the needs of customers' increased interests, and also handles various doubts and after-sales problems of customers, and wants to find a good prototype manufacturer, choose the extension model to ensure the quality and service. Take more than a month ago, the customer will come to the company to assemble the prototype on Sunday, and the business Miss Xie will sacrifice her rest time to help the customer disassemble the prototype and install the circuit, finally, the functional test of the prototype was completed. The customer highly recognized Miss Xie's service attitude and wrote to the company to express her gratitude.

The 'of the extension dimension modelSoft and hard' What is the strength? You can come and see the factory. I believe you will be impressed by the production strength and service attitude of tuowei prototype factory and willing to cooperate with us.

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