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Looking for Guangdong prototype proofing factory-What preparations need to be made

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-02- 21 14: 42

Now the competition in the industry is very fierce. An enterprise should stand tall in this fierce competition and constantly design and develop new products to expand and develop new products, in the process of research and development of new products, prototype is naturally indispensable. Guangdong is a place where the prototype industry started earlier and has accumulated rich experience. Therefore, many customers who need proofing will consider Guangdong prototype proofing manufacturers, so before looking for a prototype proofing factory, what preparations need to be made?

There are three items to be sold, choose a professional Guangdong prototype proofing manufacturer with high cost performance, and communicate with their engineers about the details of the prototype processing to be made. If there is enough time, try to find a few more.

The second is to determine the processing materials, processing methods and processing techniques, sometimes the customer is confused about the material of the prototype proofing. In general, if you don't want to spend too much, you can use ABS materials to do it; If the requirements for strength are relatively high, PC or Saigang materials can be used; If you want to have high temperature resistance, you can use PPS materials. If you don't know much about these, Guangdong prototype proofing manufacturers--The extension model will give you suitable suggestions.

then carefully check the design, if there is a problem in the design process, all subsequent work may be futile. Therefore, when looking for a prototype proofing factory in Guangdong, these preparations are needed. Only in this way can the prototype be processed faster and better.

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