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nasa, makerbot launch contest for 3d-printed mars base

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
When the first human settlers land on Mars, they spend a lot of time indoors, and now you can design what the Mars base looks like with a new 3D printing contest.
The 3D printer company MakerBot in Brooklyn, New York, and NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Lab teamed up to launch the MakerBot Mars base challenge.
The 3D printing competition seeks an innovative idea that can support the habitat of astronauts on the red planet\'s surface.
At least in the current state, the Red Planet is hostile to the lives we know.
Cold, vulnerable to dust storms and dangerous cosmic rays.
To survive, future astronauts need a solid, practical home.
Maybe it\'s made of parts from 3D printers. the-
Site construction. [
3D printing and space travel (Photos)]
The MakerBot Mars base Challenge is held here.
The panel of experts from MakerBot and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California will judge the design based on its scientific feasibility, creativity and print suitability.
Winner will receive MakerBot product, 1st-
Receive the winners of the Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer.
The 3D print Mars challenge MakerBot Mars base challenge is now open and accepted for submission until the end of June 12.
All entries must be uploaded to the Mars Base Challenge website. com, an open-
Along with hashtagMakerBotMars, a source website that provides design ideas.
Winner will receive MakerBot product, 1st-
Receive the winners of the Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer.
As of June 5, 66 proposals had been submitted, many of which used the dome-Overlay module.
\"Considering the extreme cold, high radiation levels, lack of oxygen and frequent sandstorms on Mars, designing a practical Mars base that can withstand these factors may even make you feel at home, the organizers of the competition wrote on the Thingiverse website: \"Although the average distance from the Earth is 0. 14 billion miles. \".
A panel of experts from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and MakerBot will judge entries for the Mars Base challenge.
These designs will be assessed in terms of scientific feasibility, creativity and print suitability.
The idea of 3D printing to make Alien buildings using 3D printing in space is not fresh.
Scientists have been exploring the possibility of 3d printing to create a lunar base.
Officials at the Mars Foundation are working on how to use the technology for 3d-
Print sustainable Mars houses with raw materials on Earth.
NASA even plans to launch its first space 3D printer later this year.
The printer, known as 3D printing in zero gravity experiments, was manufactured by the company in space to test the feasibility of 3D printing spare parts or tools on the International Space Station.
NASA is also exploring the possibility of 3D.
Printed space food.
Last year, NASA awarded Texas-
Based on the $125,000 of the company\'s systems and materials research consulting firm, research began on the possibility of producing nutritious foods with 3D printing technologyspace voyages.
To learn more about the MakerBot Mars base Challenge visit: Megan Gannon
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