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Personalized mouse prototype customization which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 04 16: 00

with the advent of the era of intelligence, more people enter the society after 90 or 00, and they prefer to advocate freedom and personality, there are different opinions about all kinds of things in life than in 1980s. For example, for the mouse, some manufacturers will create some creative and personalized mice in order to meet their appetite, and find designers to design unique mice, make a variety of personalized mouse after prototype proofing to increase sales.

This is a mouse model made by a customer of Xiao Liu's tuowei model, this mouse prototype is actually made of a variety of materials. It can be seen that there are ABS, acrylic, soft glue and other materials.

The customer who made this model is actually a Post-90 S customer. designer, I talked with this young designer to understand his needs, and then I sent him a quotation. In fact, he did not accept this price at the beginning, say the price of our company is high!

later passed Xiao Liu's'Three-inch tongue'He finally moved! Do you want to know how I talked about him? -- In fact, it is very simple: it is to tell him the advantages that our company has and other companies do not have, such:

1. We are the first prototype factory in Shenzhen to successfully list the new four boards;

2, we the company has a variety of measuring instruments such as secondary elements, three dimensions, and a thousand ruler, quality assurance issues;

3. The prototype model has been produced for 15 years by the extension specialty, and the experience has been very rich, there are also more than 160 professional prototyping Masters;

4. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification;

5. If the customer needs it, we can sign a confidential agreement with the customer, and the company's internal computers are installed with confidential software, which is not open to the company's computers;

6. It has 55 large CNC machining machines and can be processed without dismantling when the trip reaches 2000*1300*600!

The handsome guy has been a little shaken after he finished these advantages. , plus Xiao Liu, my killer----One cry, two trouble, three hanging! ! Yes, yes, the handsome guy really can't help it. Give it to me ~~ (My face is thicker).

when the customer is willing to put down the alert and decides to trust Xiao Liu, we are also determined to serve our customers wholeheartedly in order to live up to the trust and affirmation of our customers. From unbelief to belief, we are the only ones who know that the process is difficult, but we are confident. As long as you do well, there will be a return!

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