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Professional prototype factory-On-time delivery rate at 95 per cent

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-07- 27 16: 08

The prototype model must be very familiar to everyone, as a way to make the new product more refined and more reasonable, therefore, many companies will definitely customize the prototype model to test before the new product is launched. However, when producing and processing prototypes, the work efficiency of many prototype model factories is relatively low, often delaying the delivery date and causing unnecessary trouble to customers. The working efficiency of the professional prototype production factory's extension model is very high, the on-time delivery rate is about 95 per cent, and the customer can receive a very satisfactory prototype on time.

The professional prototype factory is well versed in it as a prototype factory of technical specialty. I have met such a customer to consult the price of the plastic prototype. Who will not pay attention to the price as a customer? Whether to look at the effect to choose the price or the effect of the price selection varies from person to person, I think this probably reflects two values.

The professional prototype production factory of the extension model, if you want to fundamentally calculate a product with quality assurance, can you still control the cost? Although life is carefully calculated, prototype processing is a high-precision processing without good quality and efficiency, which is more time-consuming, cost-effective and cost-effective. Believe You, and know this truth!

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