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Prototype customization-Still looking for high precision manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-02- 18 12: 34

when a general enterprise develops an aluminum alloy product, it will design the drawings after the drawings are designed, find a powerful prototype factory to customize the prototype. With the physical object, you can check whether the design of the product is feasible and improve the design. In Shenzhen, there are not hundreds of prototype manufacturers, large and small, so what kind of manufacturers should be chosen?

some time ago, customer Wang Gong needed to make a prototype model of aluminum alloy. Before that, he found other prototype factories, but the accuracy of the processing was less than ±0. 05mm, the effect was not very good when the new product was verified, so I contacted the extension model on the internet. Miss Mo contacted him about the relevant business. He told the customer that the extension model uses five-axis machining equipment, accuracy up to ±0. 02mm, the prototype model made in this way is relatively high in accuracy. The customer did not hesitate at all, and quickly reached a deal and made an advance payment.

few days later, the customer received the prototype sent by the extension model. The accuracy of the extension model is not bad. The prototype accuracy of the extension model has been recognized by the customer, in the tolerance range they require, thus saving a lot of time in their design and assembly. If you also need to find a prototype customization factory with high processing accuracy, please contact online customer service on the right side of the page.

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