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Prototype drone-5-axis machining

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-03- 04 11: 12

What is a drone? The full name of the drone is'Unmanned aerial vehicle' It is a non-manned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and its own program control device. It involves advanced technologies such as sensors, communications, information processing, and intelligent control technology. The value of unmanned aerial vehicles is to form an aerial platform and expand its application with other components to replace human beings to complete their operations in the air. With the maturity of UAV technology, the cost is greatly reduced, which has been widely used in various fields. Due to the wide use of unmanned aerial vehicles, the accuracy of natural unmanned aerial vehicle prototype processing should also keep up with the rhythm.

while 5-axis machining is able to keep up with the trend of the world. Moreover, the accuracy required for UAV prototype processing is high, and the five-axis machine can meet it. What is a five-axis machine? Five-axis machine tool refers to machine tool with any five axes such as X, Y, Z, , B and C in one machine tool. The five-axis machine tool can process parts with complex surfaces that cannot be processed by the three-axis machine tool, such as propellers, impeller, etc. Secondly, when the five-axis machine tool processes many parts, it only needs to be clamped once, however, the three-axis machine tool needs to be clamped several times, and the processing efficiency is higher than that of the three-axis machine tool.

For example, a Mr. Chen came to tuowei model company some time ago. He was served by the Duan Gong. After sitting down and talking to each other, I learned that this gentleman is a drone industry. The designer has developed an innovative drone. When he took the drawings and found a number of UAV prototype processing plants to make models, many companies could not give him an ambiguous answer. He felt uneasy. After all, their company planned to make the drone in large quantities. So be extra cautious. So Mr. Chen, who took this responsibility, inquired about the prototype factory enterprise. Finally, one day he saw someone in Baidu Post bar saying that the prototype made by tuowei model company was very good, and hundreds of people's teams, 17 years of production experience, 55 cnc machining equipment. There are also five-axis machines. So Mr. Chen made an appointment online. Came to the model company. After listening to Mr. Chen's account, the salesman led Mr. Chen to the workshop to see how the employees made the model. After a long visit, Mr. Chen was very satisfied. But for the sake of insurance, the advance payment was made first. The drawings came together.

after discussing the time between Duan Gong and the engineering teacher, reasonable plan was customized for Mr. Chen. As a result, the team of hundreds of people began to operate. After many days of continuous fighting by employees, the prototype processing of the drone was completed! Duan Gong gave Chen Xianfa a picture of the product. Mr. Chen is very satisfied. He called the full amount!

If you have difficulties with this prototype, you can't find the prototype processing factory of the drone you want. You can come to the extension model! There are hundreds of teams here to serve you and plan a plan that suits you!

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