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Prototype factory in Zhuhai-Reject low quality prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-08- At present, the prices of some Zhuhai prototype factories in the market are often lower than those of other companies. The production of prototypes is not the wholesale of goods, but the consolidation of a product from virtual to real, from a full of defects to popular products. Low prices can lead to unstable quality of the prototype. The quality of the enterprise is unqualified and the profit is low.

for 18 years, as a regular Zhuhai prototype factory, tuowei model has always been interested in manufacturing high-quality prototypes for customers, without reducing the quality of prototypes for profit like small manufacturers. From raw material procurement to processing to post-processing, the extension model strictly controls the quality and continuously improves the quality. Combine the quality and service of the prototype model in a timely manner! From the beginning, the small manufacturers of the extension model have developed into today's large manufacturers, relying not on low-price and low-quality prototypes, but on employees who have been quietly paying, and trust the solid customers of the extension model!

now there are 55 CNC machining equipment in Zhuhai prototype factory several high-precision five-axis machines, more than 100 technical elite teams, and prototype masters with 18 years of professional skills! The whole process of processing the prototype is followed up according to the drawings, the quality is guaranteed, and the service is super intimate! If you want to trust the extension model, you can consult the online customer service on the right side to become a partner of the extension model!

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