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by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-12- 18 21: 50

Hello, everyone, now December is closer to the end of 2018. Therefore, tuowei model is also helping customers around the world to speed up the development and design of new products. Recently, there was a prototype in Ningbo, and the production customer needed to help make a prototype. The mission of Taowei is to serve every customer well.

go out of your way to help customers solve molding problems. And to meet very satisfactory standards. Under such perseverance, continuous self-improvement in 17 years has become a well-known manufacturer with mature professional technology. The Ningbo prototype, the customer who made it, also recognized this and was willing to cooperate with Taowei.

again because the customer sees that it is not just a Ningbo prototype, but the customer who makes the demand finds the extension dimension. There are also many large foreign companies come to visit, and they are impressed by the enthusiastic service to make the cooperation between the two sides very happy. After many exchanges with customers, the drawings were submitted to the production group. The customer was surprised by the production and processing. The Courier has been received the day before the delivery date, which shows that the efficiency is very high. And it is strongly required that Tuowei become a designated supplier. If you have any relevant needs, please feel free to contact Taowei.

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