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Prototype Model factory-Point out the design deficiencies in time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-01- 02 15: 04

Companies with general research hairstyles will design drawings according to various requirements when developing new products to analyze the rationality of this product, so it will be verified in the form of a prototype. If you want to make a prototype, you need to find a cow force prototype model factory so that your design can be restored better.

Mr. Liang searched'Prototype Model Factory' Contact us to expand the dimension model, because the new research and development project has not yet been announced, so we also pay more attention to the aspect of secrecy. Later, we signed a confidential agreement with expand and sent the drawings.

after the relevant business Xiao Mo got the drawings, he found that there was dry in some positions. , immediately contact the customer to communicate the details. The customer is very satisfied with the professional of the prototype model factory and helps them solve the problem of drawings. They said that tuowei model is a prototype factory with very thoughtful service. The prototype factory that used to contact you will inform you if there is a problem. If you love it, you will do it, as a result, there was no famous hall for half a day.

The Business of the extension model is more pragmatic, generally, I would suggest what customers should do and how to do better. Mr. Liang also said that Tuowei is a trustworthy prototype model making factory and will choose to prototype here in the future.

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