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Prototype model manufacturer-Combining theory with practice

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-03- 09 16: 32

It has been more than 3 months since I came to Shenzhen tuowei prototype model manufacturer to study here. During this period, CTO in the United States always gave me training, let me learn a lot of theoretical knowledge, these are not learned in school before, will bring me unexpected benefits. At the same time, however, during this time, I learned that theory should be combined with practice.

One of my clients contacted me from QQ, it is Miss Li of Shenzhen Noan. She wants to do three things. Two materials are black ABS. One material is a PC that makes Frosted effects, post-treatment is a bad phenomenon such as no front, shrinkage, scratches, water clip and deformation on the surface. I signed a purchase order with her on the 8th. She paid on the 9th. I placed a production order on the 9th and the delivery date was postponed. The production process was very smooth, but when the prototype model manufacturer went to the front manually, a small range of Sol appeared on the PC piece, if you fill it up, it will be different from the surrounding color. I took a photo and sent it to the customer. Then after the QC Inspection was correct, I sent SF to the customer.

This project let me know, the knowledge obtained from books is ultimately shallow. If you fail to understand the true meaning of knowledge, to truly understand the profound truth in the book, you need to practice it yourself. During the period of prototype model manufacturers, I really learned a lot.

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