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Prototype model manufacturer-Oil injection does not fade

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-07- 27 12: 07

week ago, a Miss Liang from Shenzhen searched the prototype model manufacturer online and just saw the website of the extension model at a glance, as soon as she accidentally came in, she roughly looked at the company's profile and evaluation and decided to come to the tuowei model to see the factory. The business ye gong received the Miss Liang. After the exchange, she learned that the Miss Liang had found a prototype model manufacturer before, but because the experience of the fuel injector was insufficient, the prototype was easy to fade. For such a prototype, of course she was embarrassed to take it to the exhibition.

This time she wants to find a reliable prototype model manufacturer. In order to dispel Miss Liang's concerns, Ye Gong invited her to visit the factory and took her to visit the fuel injection department to see how the fuel injection teacher injected. Unlike other prototype factories, the extension model not only sets up a dust-free workshop, but also has rich fuel injection experience. Many prototype factories usually spray directly when injecting oil, the extension model will generally be sprayed with a layer of 2K primer, so that the paint is not so easy to fade. When Miss Liang looked at the factory, she recognized the strength of the extension model and quickly signed a contract.

after four days of struggle by workshop employees, after completing this project, Miss Liang came to see the results. I was very satisfied and paid the full amount. If you are looking for a good prototype model manufacturer to cooperate, you may as well look at the extension model. Welcome to contact.

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