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Prototype model Manufacturing Company-Provide a suitable optimization solution

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-05- 13 10: 02

Miss Fang searched through the Internet some time ago'Prototype model Manufacturing Company' I found the extension model, although I have learned some of the strength of the extension model on the website, I know that the extension model has decades of experience in prototype proofing, however, because too much information on the Internet is false, Miss Fang still hesitated, so she contacted the customer service of the extension model to understand the situation.

The explanation of Xiao Xie, the salesman of the reception party, and some extension dimensions some prototype samples made by the model and some video of prototype proofing from the prototype manufacturing company were shown to Miss Fang, miss Fang did not hesitate to send her drawings to customer service Xiaoxie. Then customer service Xiaoxie handed over the drawings to the project manager for quotation. When the project manager reviewed the map, he found that the design of this product was not reasonable after processing it. He communicated and revised it with Miss Fang and gave several very practical optimization schemes.

after Ms. Fang agreed, the project manager handed over the drawings to the production department. processing, with the joint efforts of the company's production department, when the production was completed, it was two days earlier than the delivery date. When the prototype was delivered to Miss Fang, she was very happy, it was confirmed that the extension model is an efficient prototype model manufacturing company, and the cooperation was successfully reached.

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