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Prototype model manufacturing-Long-lasting cooperation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-03- 23 17: 23

In Shenzhen, a city with fast pace and high pressure, many new products are born here. The reason why these businessmen work so hard is that they just don't want to be compared in the fierce competition in the industry. Each new product developed will first find a prototype model to process and make a prototype for testing. Because the role of the prototype is to avoid the loss caused by the direct opening of the mold.

at the same time, there are two heads of companies searching for prototype models online. processing and production, because the Internet is an important way to find a good enterprise. Then both companies saw a brief introduction to the extension model. Both companies have come to the extension model. The two old salesmen hosted two customers. The two companies have strong strength and high requirements for suppliers. After talking to each other, I learned that the company is doing medical care and needs to make a prototype with high precision and exquisite appearance. The other one is in the automotive industry, and it is necessary to make a large prototype, which is not very important for accuracy.

so I took two customers to the workshop to watch one after another, introduced to them how the cnc equipment is processed, how high the accuracy of the five-axis machine is, what is the post-processing of the manual department, and then went to the inspection room, indicating that when everything is completed, it will also be sent to the inspection room for quality inspection before it will be packaged into the customer's hands. After probably explaining the process of prototype model processing and production, both customers were very satisfied, so they decided to make some lists of extension models first and determine that the company has strength, I decided whether I would give another list. After hearing the praise of the customer, the salesman is also full of fighting spirit. Then I was busy for a few days, and finally completed it within the specified period. The express delivery was delivered to the customer. After seeing the quality, the two customers decided to continue long-term cooperation with Tuowei at the same time.

it really makes people very happy to be able to win two companies this time, this proves that the processing and production of tuowei's prototype model is recognized by customers, so we must continue to cheer!

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