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Prototype model of medical devices-The accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-01- 24 17: 42

The industry that has been engaged in the prototype industry for 17 years is the medical device prototype model, and usually all customers need to make structural boards. It has a certain practical ability to assemble finished products and put them directly into the market for sales. So the quality must be able to pass. For example, the result accuracy detection meets the requirements.

will send the customer's medical device prototype model to the company through SF logistics. Some customers will use the exhibition to receive countless praise. After satisfied with the prototype made by tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. Friends will also be introduced to help with their cooperation.

This conscience cycle has been maintained until now. It is the customer's trust and support for the extension model that the service of the extension colleagues has been affirmed. This year, more than five-axis processing equipment has been introduced to improve the work. Accuracy up to ±0. 01mm, this level meets the production needs of most medical device prototype models and customers. You are welcome to consult online whenever you need it.

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