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Prototype mold factory-17 years famous manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-12- 28 21: 53

what kind of prototype mold factory can satisfy customers? This extension model gives you some suggestions and hopes to provide some help in the process of re-selection. Avoid some unnecessary losses, which is also a problem that Tuwei people have always wanted to help customers solve.

first talk about experience. prototype mold factory should know all kinds of processes and material properties. This can be skillfully processed and formed. Otherwise, the problem of testing or reading data should not occur. There is also a large factory with 6000 square meters of factory buildings like the extension model. 55 CNC equipment are expected to ship in 3 days. This efficiency is mainly due to the use of a new type of five-axis machine.

There are also decades of professional prototype mold factories, with more than 5 years of service in the master industry, and each customer appreciates it after receiving the prototype. It is this trust and support that can continue to develop until now that it is not easy to thank customers.

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