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Prototype price-1 to 1 service free of charge

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-12- 30 15: 21

customers are often left and right because of the price of prototype production. It will be difficult to choose whether to find a big factory or a small factory with cheap prices. We hope to give some suggestions to our customers. The cost of prototyping depends on the cost of the equipment as well as the cost of labor and the required materials.

for small factories, the equipment uses a second-hand three-axis machine, which can be formed. But you may want to accept it cheaper. However, the losses caused are huge, such as deformation, insufficient precision, delay in delivery and so on. There are very few opportunities in regular manufacturers. When customers feel that they are not worth the loss, there will be a conceptual change. Understand the price of prototype production, you can not only choose cheap.

This is only when many customers who make the second production find the extension model, although the price is higher. In exchange, worries were greatly reduced. And the delivery is fast and good quality. This is what many customers need. Therefore, there are still concerns about the price of prototype production.

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