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Prototype proofing factory-Meet customer precision requirements

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-06- 03 08:07

when a general company develops a new product, in addition to the design drawings, the enterprise also needs to find a good prototype proofing manufacturer to make samples, find out the shortcomings and shortcomings to make this product more perfect. However, the products made by some small workshops are generally not perfect or even usable. Once there are defects in direct production, they will be scrapped, greatly wasting manpower, material resources and time.

now customers have higher requirements for all aspects of the prototype, generally, more professional and prominent prototype proofing manufacturers will be selected to prototype new products, mainly because such manufacturers have sufficient processing equipment and professionals, complete processing technology, materials and equipment, it can better meet the customer's needs for the quality, accuracy and delivery of the prototype.

If you have a new product that requires prototype proofing, however, I don't know which prototype proofing manufacturer to choose, so the extension model is your good choice. The strength is the leader in many prototype factories and has more than 50 high-precision processing equipment, prototype master with more than seven years of prototype processing experience, the processing accuracy can reach ±0. 02mm, large processing equipment with a processing stroke of up to 2000mm, you are welcome to disturb the extension model.

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