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Prototype related knowledge

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
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now more and more enterprises have higher requirements for prototype production, but it's not very easy to find a very professional company to prototype. Is it bothering to not understand the material of the prototype, the method of making it, and the correct use? Indeed, the current prototype market is too miscellaneous, and the overwhelming false advertisements make many consumers blind their eyes and can't find a very professional organization to ensure the quality of their products. According to relevant sources, at present, some prototype factories have not even passed ISO9001 certification.

Here we can popularize some knowledge about prototypes for you, so that you can have more preparation in future choices so that you will not be deceived. The first thing to say is the material of the prototype, which is plastic, silicone, metal, plastic, nylon, ABS, the choice is of course to be consistent according to the material of the model you want to make, so that the variables will be reduced during the test process, which will be more beneficial for future large-scale production. Secondly, according to the level, there are appearance, structure, function, and appearance types mainly to detect the appearance and structure of the products you want to produce. As the name implies, it is to check the rationality of the product structure, there is also a functional type that requires higher requirements. The prototype should be completely consistent with the appearance of the product to be produced. This is a highly professional one.

The production process of the prototype is basically laser rapid prototyping and cnc rapid prototyping. The difference between the two is very professional, but the second method will be more mature and the accuracy is relatively high. It can make a more complex prototype and the processing volume is relatively large, it occupies half of the prototype industry, and the laser rapid prototyping is mainly processed by prototypes with smaller size and relatively simple shape, with less accuracy than cnc prototypes.

I believe that everyone has a considerable understanding of the prototype. In the future life and production, I hope that everyone can digest this knowledge in time, turn it into practice!

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