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Prototype sample processing, this company is fast

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-10- 05 12: 31

The company where Miss Chen of Shenzhen Gongming is located often needs to develop new products, so the demand for prototype samples is also relatively large. However, Miss Chen has always had an annoyance. The prototype model manufacturer who cooperated with Miss Chen has the problem of delay in delivery. I originally said that I delivered the goods in 5 days, which lasted for half a month, it has not been improved many times.

Miss Chen, who has had enough of this situation, in order to be able to develop new products early, we began to search online for prototype factories with fast delivery. When she searched the Internet,'Shenzhen prototype factory' When I found the extension model, I communicated with customer service.

after simple communication, miss Chen understood that the production strength of tuowei model is very strong, with 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 100 employees, and implemented the working method of two shifts, especially when receiving large orders, the delivery period is superior to other prototype factories. For this reason, Miss Chen also personally went to the Tuwei model to see the factory and found that the customer service of the Tuwei model was not virtual, so she quickly placed an order.

after 3 days, the extension model completed Miss Chen's prototype and shipped it within the agreed delivery period. After receiving the goods, Miss Chen was very satisfied with this. She highly praised the delivery date of the extension model, which was much faster than the previous prototype supplier. It is a trustworthy prototype factory.

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