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replicator maker talks up 3d printing tech

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
The gospel of 3D printing is spreading on the streets of New York.
Known for its small 3D printer, MakerBot Industries has opened a store in Manhattan designed to sell the fun of home-made to the public.
When MakerBot released the second version of its Replicator 3D printer, the store opened.
Replicator 2.
0 works to a finer resolution than earlier versions, and can make larger objects.
MakerBot said the store, the first of its kind, will present 3D printing, stage presentations and workshops for those curious about the technology.
3D printing involves stacking objects layer by layer from one layer of plastic that melts and feeds through a carefully controlled nozzle to form a shape.
These printers were originally used to produce and improve prototypes for engineering and design companies.
Now, many home hackers, manufacturers and artists use 3D printers to make their own custom work.
For example, model soldiers, boxes for household electronic products, furniture for toy houses.
Replicator Pettis says Replicator 2
0 is for \"prosumer-
Be it design professionals or hardcore enthusiasts.
$2,199 for equipment (£1,360)
Build objects in layers only 100 microns thick.
In previous versions, the thickness of each layer was about 270 microns.
Coolcomponents, founder and president of pad Fordy. co.
Britain, which sells 3D printers and other home hacking devices, says the technology has proved popular.
\"Over the past few years, we have really seen an explosion in the UK\'s affordable 3D printer market,\" he told the BBC . \".
\"Many types of people use them, not just professionals, but people who think they need to touch and keep.
\"The new MakerBot looks great, he says, but it\'s hard to find due to supply issues.
\"They never seem to have enough things to walk around, which makes a lot of people unhappy,\" he said . \".
\"Other excellent printers are ready and many people give up waiting and buy one of them instead.
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