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The Latest: Judge blocks release of 3D-printed gun plans

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
Creating a 3D selfie is as simple as shooting a video on your phone. Creating a 3-
D. selfiecan is as simple as shooting a video from a smartphone.
Not to mention you can even make a selfie mini
Your own example.
Swiss company daudahas plans to bring a new twist to the selfie trend by introducing selfies into the 3D world.
Dhaka has just released an app that offers sophisticated 3-
D scanning technology is available to any smartphone user.
According to PopSci, the model, called \"3d selfie\", will be available later this year.
Earlier this month, Dakoda also provided a preview on TEDxCambridge 2015.
After taking a 3D selfie, you can 3-D print it out.
You can make your own avatar or action map!
The app also allows users to view images in real time on their phones.
Read the PopSci article.
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