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the perfect present - a 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Some people use it to grow bones.
Others make planes.
American talk show host Jay Leno used it to replace the rusty part of his 1907 White steamboat car, one of his collection of old cars.
There are no headlines about 3D printing in almost a week, and this technology will change the way you live.
Welcome to the next industrial revolution.
The first industrial revolution increased the income of haipololi and reshaped society in decades because machines replaced manual labor --
Based on manufacturing.
The factory produces thousands of products to enjoy a huge economy of scale.
Today, however, the custom process is making a comeback due to 3D printing or \"additive manufacturing\", three of which
Build dimension objects layer by layer.
As a manufacturing process, 3D printing is in sharp contrast to the traditional \"subtraction\" method, which relies on milling, grinding and cutting to remove the material, wasting a lot in this process
This creative development offers a variety of advantages and innovations.
Berkshire\'s 3 t rpd co-operates with the University of Southampton to create an unmanned aerial vehicle;
The world\'s first 3D
Printed plane
At Loughborough University, Richard Buswell is developing a huge three
Floor rigs for building through \"Concrete Printing.
Susmita Bose and colleagues at Washington State University recently described in the journal dental materials how they used custom printers to make bones
Just like the material that can be used for plastic surgery and dental work.
Other researchers are laying a layer of living cells.
Peter Walters of the Western University of England is printing a new generation of edible items.
Scientists can rebuild bones, clone priceless artifacts, and forge parts of the body.
Should the 3D printing revolution scare businesses?
The physical Brian Cox effect on the issue of live cats and dead cats exotic soap bubbles is a star shift, confused by the beauty of orchids, talking about regeneration, why is it stored throughout the design that can now be stored in a virtual computer warehouse, waiting to be printed locally on demand?
A science museum curator, Ben Russell, asked that he used 3D printing technology at University College London to recreate the contents of a beautiful plaster model, it turned out to be the bust Image lost by Scottish engineer James Watt.
3D printing is an organic combination of craftsmanship and high technology, he says.
Technology millions of miles from the production line assembly method pioneered by Henry Ford.
The idea is not new: 3D printers have been commercially sold for 30 years and are usually used by car manufacturers to make prototypes.
When I visited the Renault F1 team\'s work in Oxfordshire in 2004, I first realized the potential of what was then called a \"rapid prototype, the titanium and plastic components are cured by a blue laser-scanned ingredient soup.
But the change is that 3D printers are getting cheaper, smarter, better and more common.
One of the more significant developments came from Adrian Bowie of the University of Bath, who represented \"rapid replication\"
The prototype I reported for this paper \".
RepRap is first honed to print daily plastic products such as door handles, sandals and jacket hooks.
The machine works like a printer, however, instead of spraying ink on paper, it puts down a thin layer of molten biodegradable plastic that is solidified into objects.
However, three years ago, the machine successfully copied all its 3D-
It is possible to assemble printed parts on a new flip machine.
RepRap marks the birth of a home machine, a revolution similar to giving the host computer a seat to a desktop computer.
It has recently appeared in the form of a kit and Bowyer has sold 100 units.
Software and other ingredients have always been cheaper.
From bytes to MakerBot, there is a competitor suite.
Hackers are making adjustments and improvements to it.
With the change and development of technology, the quality of the objects they can make will become better.
\"Almost everyone in the developed world has their own CD --
His own photography lab, his own printing machine.
So why don\'t they also run their own factories? ’ asks Bowyer.
\"When we are here, let\'s turn it into a factory that produces more factories.
We may reach the point where individuals can do everything they want (
Including the RepRap machine, of course).
He likes to treat it as a new home.
Not for food, but for goods.
\"Your loft room will be your machine kitchen --
Garden, everything from door handles to cell phones.
If you also have a real kitchen garden you can plant plastic to renovate
This is lactic acid made of starch.
You will have a self
Copy machines from self-made useful goods
Copy material supply.
This is his revolutionary parting lens: when we can all make our own things with 3D printing, our demand for money will be reduced.
\"Where money is not flowing, it is very difficult to collect taxes.
\"Long live the revolution!
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