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The role and significance of digital control on the development of prototype industry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2014-07- 10 09: 50

The role and significance of digital control on the development of the prototype industry digital control is a way to realize the prototype control of electrical transmission parts with digital information, it is an automatic control technology developed in modern times. CNC technology is widely used in machine tool control, forming the mainstream of CNC technology development---CNC technology of machine tool and CNC system of machine tool. The CNC system of the machine tool can logically process the program specified by the use number, or other symbol coding instructions, and can automatically complete the input, decoding and operation of the machine tool processing information, so as to control the movement and processing of the machine tool. The application of numerical control technology or the machine tool equipped with numerical control system is referred to as numerical control machine tool. CNC machine tool is a new type of automatic machine tool with broad development prospects developed since 1950s. It integrates scientific and technological achievements in computer technology, automatic control, precision detection and precision manufacturing, it is a typical product of mechanical and electrical integration. In modern manufacturing system, numerical control technology is the key technology. It integrates high-tech technologies such as micro-electronics, computer, information processing, automatic detection and automatic control, with high precision, high prototype efficiency and flexible automation, it plays an important role in manufacturing flexible automation, integration and intelligence.

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