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There are solutions for prototype model processing

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The prototype model itself is not in mass production, under normal circumstances, only a few or dozens of products can be produced at a time. If you want to reproduce, you need to open the mold. The prototype model is mainly to examine the external performance of the product, let the manufacturer understand the feasibility of the product to avoid the huge cost of direct mold opening, so the prototype model is not much. The following is a description of the prototype production by the extension model:

CNC prototype model making

Computer-aided design of CNC prototype model synthesis (CAD)Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)Computer digital control (CNC) With advanced technology, the 3D model composed of computer is excavated from the whole piece of material on CNC machining center, and then combined with exquisite manual processing, so modern industry called CNC prototype model.

Rapid prototyping

SLA ( Stereolithogrphy Apparatus) The process is also known as light molding or laser curing rapid prototyping, which was patented by Charles Hul in the United States in 1984. In 1988, the US 3D System company launched a commercial prototype SLA-This is a rapid prototyping machine in the world. SLA molding machines occupy a large share of the RP equipment market.

vacuum injection type (Silicone compound mold, flip mold)

vacuum injection type, also known as vacuum complex mode, that is, the product is directly copied by using the prototype under vacuum conditions. After the design, the product can be obtained through various processing methods such as CNC, SLA, etc. , and then the product can be copied through the prototype. The copied products have high precision and good strength, which are a complete whole and fully meet the various functions of the design requirements. It is suitable for trial production of functional parts in small batches, reducing the cost and risk of directly opening steel molds.

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