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Zhejiang prototype factory-American CTO guide production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-01- Hello everyone, many customer customers will go online if they want to replace the current prototype supplier. Look for peers to consult the intention of cooperation. Last week, I realized that a former prototype factory in Zhejiang, a cooperative customer, had a prototype last month that caused a series of problems due to delivery problems.

after learning about the customer's concerns, it showed the customer the equipment owned by the extension model. And hundreds of processing team customers will know that they can ship in 3 days. The customer who previously cooperated with Zhejiang prototype factory said that it should be able to cooperate with the extension model.

The project manager opened the customer's 3D drawing to quote it and sent it to the customer to confirm whether it was correct. The colleagues who handed over to the production line were made and quickly processed and formed using the five-axis machine. I have seen the manual master's fine grinding and sent it to QC to confirm that there is no damage. The technology used for painting and coloring is a new process guided by CTO in the United States. The production is completed by SF logistics to customers.

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